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About Us

Veenschoten and Company Inc. is a manufacturer sales representative and distributor of industrial equipment founded in 1953. Since then, we have provided continuous service with Best-in-Class products to the Utility, Pulp & Paper and Process Industries in Alabama and north west Florida. In 1997 we expanded our market coverage to include Georgia and Mississippi and have an office located in Jackson, Mississippi.

We provide design and engineering expertise in the sizing and application of general-duty and severe service valves for liquid and gas services; burner/boiler controls, flame safety devices and igniters; environmental monitors and CEM systems; gas/oil burner shutoff valves; and linear and rotary electro-hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for all types of valves, dampers and diverters.

We maintain a computerized customer database with records for over 1500 valves and instruments. With this database we are able to provide customers with a historical context and documentation.

We provide application expertise in the application, sizing, and startup of:

  • General-Duty and Severe Service Valves for steam, liquid and gas service
  • Flame Scanners and Controls
  • Burner and Boiler BMS Systems
  • Duct Burners and Skid-Mounted Valve Trains (primarily for the HRSG market)
  • Oil and Gas Igniters
  • Gas and Oil Burner Shutoff Valves (FM)
  • Linear and Rotary Electric, Pneumatic, and Electro-Hydraulic Actuators for all types of valves, dampers and diverters

Our goal is to always provide rapid response and a high level of technical support to our customers and principals.

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