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Efficiency Controls:

Nexus NXF4000 Parallel Positioning System

An electronic parallel positioning and O2 trim combustion control system. The Nexus® NXF4000 model offers integrated burner management.

The Fireye® NXF4000 is an advanced burner management controller with internal flame safeguard, designed to operate burners firing liquid or gaseous fuels. NXF4000 supports up to 4 servos per profile plus 2 VFD channels, touchscreen interface, 15 configurable user input, valve proving, thermal shock protection, etc.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions & greenhouse gases
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance

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Nexus PPC4000 Parallel Positioning System

The Fireye® PPC4000 is a state of the art parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems.

When combined with a Fireye flame safeguard system such as the Fireye BurnerLogix™ control, the PPC4000 offers a compact parallel positioning system and it is the newest member of the Nexus® family.

Precise control of burner air/fuel ratio via independent, parallel positioning motors. (Up to 4 servo channels for positioning motors directly powered from the controller; 10 servo motors using external power supply). Temperature or pressure control optimized burner firing rate control via PID control loop. Sequencing/lead lag control available. Simplified wiring via removable plug connectors. Operating & logged data stored on SD card. User programmable digital inputs.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions & greenhouse gases
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance

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Nexus 6100 Integrated Parallel Positioning

The Fireye Nexus® NX6100 Integrated Controller is a microprocessor based, Flame Safeguard and parallel positioning combustion controller built into one compact, user configurable package.

The Fireye® NX6100 supports up to 10 servomotors and has an optional 10.4″ touchscreen display to show boiler operations and simplify the commissioning process.

Main Features:

  • Integrated Fully functional and Configurable Flame Safeguard
  • Built-in UV, UV Self Check and IR Detection
  • Compatible with Fireye Integrated Insight and Phoenix Scanners
  • Twelve Key Keypad eliminates the fuel select and burner switch
  • Industrially Hardened 10.4-inch Color Touchscreen Option
  • Internal slot for optional VSD or Modbus RTU card

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Nexus NXM2G Efficiency Control

Fireye Nexus® NXM2G is an intelligent micro -processor based boiler load optimization control system designed to reduce energy costs by providing optimum thermal efficiency of low temperature hot water boilers.

The NXM2G is designed to prevent boiler dry cycling which occurs when a boiler loses heat to its surroundings. The NXM2G is fully compatible with existing control systems and building management. Designed for use with low & medium temperature water boilers, single stage burners, fully modulating burners and many more.

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