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Copes-Vulcan RAVEN™ Trims are used in severe service applications where true velocity control is needed by limiting the fluid velocities at the exit of the trim. RAVEN™ trim precludes the problems typically associated with high velocity: erosion, vibration, poor control and cavitation.

Every RAVEN™ trim is custom designed to meet the needs of the toughest liquid, steam and gas services in the power and process industries.

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The HUSH® Trim is an innovative concept in control valve trim designed by Copes-Vulcan for high pressure drop liquid, gas, and steam applications.

HUSH® trim is a cage guided trim that provides excellent control by directing the flow through a series of staged pressure drops. Cavitation, excessive leakage, hazardous noise, vibration and mechanical failures can be eliminated with HUSH trim – reducing time and expensive maintenance costs.

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One Stage HUSH Trim is a specialty trim designed to reduce noise associated with compressible fluids and the undesirable effects of flashing and cavitation that would occur with most single pressure drop trims.

The trim does not prevent flashing or cavitation; however, the damaging effects are reduced to acceptable levels using many small ports. The HUSH cage consists of a single cylinder with many radially drilled orifices. The fluid exits the numerous orifices as low energy jets resulting in significant reductions in noise or erosion.

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Copes-Vulcan Cascade Trim solves the problems of short life and high replacement costs for valve trim in high-pressure drop service. It is a cage-guided plug throttling trim designed primarily for high-pressure drop water applications where cavitation, vibration and excess wear would occur with conventional trims.

Cascade trim features a series of labyrinth grooves, machined into the plug along its throttling surface. This series of grooves provides a cascading effect, so that the pressure drop is divided equally among the grooves. This reduces the amount of inner valve pressure recovery and subsequent vapor formation. Cascade trim is ideally suited for applications where cavitation can exist at low flow conditions, when the plug is just off the seat.

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Copes-Vulcan’s Numbered Cascade Trim assembly is used in control valves where low flow rates and high turndown requirements prevail such as in desuperheater cooling water control, fuel oil control, blowdown and chemical feed.

The Numbered Cascade trim design is similar in design of Cascade and Super-Cascade trims.

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The CAV B9 Trim can be applied in liquid service where low-level cavitation is evident.

The stepped radially drilled cage design reduces the effects of cavitation, along with the associated problems of noise and erosion, by forcing the cavitation to occur in the center of the cage, away from the metal surfaces. In both flow under and flow over configurations of CAV B9 trim the fluid is divided into many lower energy jets. By varying the hole diameter and placement, custom flow characteristics can be provided.

CAV B9 trim can be used as an effective trim for flashing operations in the flow under the seat configuration.

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Tandem Trim is a high-performance specialty trim that is cage guided. The standard design is a uniquely balanced port throttling trim designed to solve difficult high temperature, high-pressure differential applications that would require oversized, heavier actuators if other standard trims were utilized.

Tandem trim provides excellent control, rangeability, and tight shutoff to Class V or MSS-SD-61 in high temperature applications. This trim is designed with the main and pilot plugs working in tandem. Tandem trim may be customized to use RAVEN™HUSH®, or any standard cage can be used with this trim design.

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Balanced Single Seat Port Throttling Trim is a general-purpose cage guided trim for both on/off and modulating control. It is suitable for use in most non-abrasive/non-adhesive, compressible and non-compressible fluid services.

The balanced plug design reduces actuator force requirements thus permitting the use of smaller, lighter and easier to maintain actuators while providing tight shutoff capability.

Balanced Single Seat Port Throttling trim is designed for valves 2” (50 mm) and larger and is suitable for applications where the service temperature does not exceed 500°F (260°C).

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Soft Seated HUSH Trim (double plug) is a high-performance specialty trim that is designed to provide and maintain extremely tight shutoff for high pressure differential liquid applications.

Soft Seated HUSH trim is often applied to operating conditions that exhibit pressure drops more than 1800 psig where the valves are to remain closed more than 25% of the time.

  • Boiler feed pump recirculation valves
  • Start-up feedwater control valves
  • Spray control valves

Heater drain valves

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