Since 1903, Copes-Vulcan  has been a leading supplier of control valves and desuperheaters for Power, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Process, and Petrochemical Industries. Copes Vulcan’s longevity has afforded them a solid foundation in tailoring equipment selection and design to our customers’ requirements and conditions.

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Copes-Vulcan’s broad line of general service and severe duty globe valves are provided in sizes from ¾” to 24” in pressure classes from 150# to 4500#.

Let us assist you in selecting the right valve body, trim, actuator, and electronic accessories to suit your application.

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Copes-Vulcan offers one of the widest range of rugged, reliable desuperheaters.

From the relatively simple mechanical and steam atomizing types, to the state-of-the-art highly efficient variable annulus, and variable orifice, and multi-nozzle type desuperheaters.

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Copes-Vulcan’s model Direct Steam Converting Valve – Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA) embraces the demands of operational excellence, very tight shut off, eliminates thermal shocks, high rangeability, size and installation flexibility combined with low maintenance.

The DSCV-SA is generally used for Turbine Bypass applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.

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The Copes-Vulcan model’s DSCV and PRDS are angle style valves that combine both pressure and temperature reduction.

These steam conditioning valves are custom engineered for specific operating parameters and are generally used for applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.

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Copes-Vulcan produces a wide range of standard valve trims that cover a majority of control valve applications.

High performance and custom engineered trims are also available to meet special operating requirements to control destructive cavitation, limit noise, prevent erosion, eliminate vibration, and minimize instability.

“We’ll Help You Size up our Trims, and Trim down your Costs”

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Copes-Vulcan manufactures its own line of pneumatic diaphragm operators that offer spring return in either direct or reverse acting styles.

In addition to our pneumatic actuators, Copes-Vulcan provides valve assemblies featuring Piston, Electric, and Electro / Hydraulic actuators to meet customer requirements.

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